Stitched Italian Leathers

Stitched Italian leathers are suited to more recent classic cars, in particular for load area straps, and have the advantage that they are available in a much wider range of colours than the English bridle leather.  The set illustrated were made as copies if Ferrari originals using re-plated original fittings.  The soft leather is laid around a web core giving strength and preventing stretching whilst keeping a quality leather finish.  I also have a slightly firmer Italian veal that doesn't need the web core, available in a limited choice of colours.  These straps are machine stitched with hand stitch detail where required.

Available in colours from black to pink, this leather is perfect for luggage straps made to match your upholstery or paintwork.  Due to the range, I don't carry all colours in stock.  Please contact me before ordering to confirm delivery times and price.

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